Flore de Sermet, formerly known as FLR, was born in France and developed in Berlin. The brand was named after its founder Flore de Sermet de Tournefort. It celebrates the beauty and sensuality of bodies freed from social restrictions.

Flore de Sermet's latest collection consists of unique pieces, focusing on slow-fashion instead of fast changing seasonal styles. Flore is strongly inspired by nature, the Spring mood and Renaissance paintings, which all cloud and delude her vivid imagination.

Flore de Sermet clothes are handcrafted in Flore's atelier. Manufacturing in-house allows to focus on one-of-a-kind pieces and limited editions. Each fabric was hand-picked by Flore in various locations, such as her hometown in Southern France, Paris or Berlin. She also selects second-hand clothes and gives them a new life by merging them with new materials to design her garments. The choice to include vintage items stems from both ethical and aesthetic concerns.

Flore de Sermet plays with volumes by folding or destroying fabric to deform the silhouette. The use of silky or see-through fabrics allows garments to be seen as a second skin layer.