NIMPH (from English nymph and Spanish ninfa) is an emerging fashion brand from Barcelona, founded by designer and creative director Patty Mañá. Established in 2020 as a project bringing together young like-minded creatives of Barcelona, NIMPH continues to evolve creatively as a collaborative space.

NIMPH celebrates the imperfect and the different by creating an imaginary world inhabited by gender fluid fantastical creatures. The world of NIMPH is a queer safe space for all. A space where blurred lines between diversity and difference are celebrated in every way. The Barcelona artist community is at the heart of our brand. We collaborate with young artists and creatives who focus on photography as well as graphic, product and 3D design.

The brand is committed to designing and producing in innovative and sustainable ways. Through the process of upcycling, we give new life to second-hand garments and dead stock fabrics. NIMPH transforms the old and forgotten into new garments with a unique feel and look.

NIMPH is a capsule collections of unique pieces and limited run dead stock garments.