• Auburn Road Kerchief /  Cream&Mint


Auburn Road Kerchief / Cream&Mint


Named after the street Emma grew up on, the Auburn Road Kerchief is implicative of the kerchief she once wore everyday as a child. 

Fits all head shapes and sizes!

• 25% Fine Western Wool Targhee, 25% TENCEL® Lyocell, 50% California Cotton 

The artisan yarns used are created in rural Vermont from a blend of Wool and TENCEL® ( Lyocell ) creating a soft yet hearty yarn with a subtle, satiny sheen. Lyocell is marketed under the trade name TENCEL, and a natural derivative of wood pulp from cultivated Southern oak and gum trees grown on land unsuitable for grazing. Our wool is a cross between Rambouillet and Columbia sourced from herds along the Front Range of the Rockies. Our Vermont yarn is then crocheted with the softest cotton from California that is produced by a group of family owned and operated farms. These farms have pledged not to use the thirteen most toxic chemicals used on cotton in California.