by maga archivio



A bit about yourself:  Who are you and where are you from? How did you end up working alongside Greta and Guenda?

We are idee fixe, brand based in the capital of Georgia, founded by three girls, born and raised in the city.

Our brand is all about handmade leather shoes and accessories inspired by minimal, basic unisex wardrobe, that is sustainable in a sense that we don’t over produce by creating stocks and we keep each piece unique by hand crafting the orders individually. We came across Maga Archivio page on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the quirky, but very aesthetically pleasing curation of brands and visual identity. We are happy that this collaboration came out <3



Tell us more about your personal way of working. Do you have any ongoing projects you can tell us about?

Our working process is quite chaotic, since we are not following the trends and seasonal timelines. We try to keep the work personally fulfilling, without extra pressure. First question that pops up when thinking about new items is - what would we love to wear next season? Then comes the color and material selection and then the actual craftsmanship of the desired item. 

We are constantly thinking and working on new samples, there are many errors and cancelled items during the working process.



Can you tell us why you believe your project is a right fit for maga and what makes it a game changer? 

I think it’s the attitude that you can see through our work. So yes, it was a vibe match :) Maga + idée fixe :)) 

We don’t think that our brand can be characterized as game changing but it’s very special to us. We love what we do and we do it with passion ❤️



What’s your plan for the near future? Could you spoiler your next move with maga? :)

Since the launch, we have been on the market exclusively as online shop and it has been a wonderful experience. Now our next step is to create our own physical showroom for local customers. We were planning on it before the pandemic hit the world and during those chaotic months, it was even more rational to continue operating as an online shop. As soon as life is back to normal, we’ll open the doors to our very first space, somewhere, on a quiet street, in Tbilisi city.


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