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A bit about yourself:  Who are you and where are you from? How did you end up working alongside Greta and Guenda?

My name is Camilla and I am 25 years old. I am originally from Pesaro, my hometown which gifted me with the love for the sea: to pursue my dream I moved to Milan where I attended the three-years Fashion Design course at NABA. 

After an internship in a stylist office in Paris, I enrolled the master's degree in fashion at IUAV in Venice, the city where I currently live and work from. It was here that I met Greta, who has been already my "virtual" friend on instagram for some time, together with Guenda: our connection dates back to 2014, at the time of my first approaches with social medias.


Tell us more about your personal way of working. Do you have any ongoing projects you can tell us about?

My way of working consists of bringing together dear, intimate and personal themes with external imagery and visual inputs, obtaining from this fusion concrete and 'living' products, both in clothing and accessories: this procedure involved, for example, the creation of bags, a work which I developed in my three-year degree thesis that I later extracted and transformed into a concrete and saleable item.

My aim is to combine manual and traditional skills with a contemporary and up-to-date feel, as well as to combine quality and ethics: through manual skills and the use of recycled leather, I try to translate my imagination into saleable designs and make them accessible to a rich and varied targets. I like to work in modules, making different series of identical pieces that are assembled together to form the final product. My current projects are bags made in collaboration with maga together with other Italian companies, as well as university laboratories and the design of capsule collections useful for research and developing new ideas.


Can you tell us why you believe your project is a right fit for maga and what makes it a game changer?

Sensitivity, sustainability and authenticity.
Comparing and supporting each other is the real wealth and the key to continue to create, especially in this period we are living in. 



What’s your plan for the near future? Could you spoiler your next move with maga? :-)

Making the study and theory learnt at university into a concrete product. What I'm looking for it is authenticity and real correspondence with the material object, even if I have to thank the virtuality of instagram and social networks that offer the opportunity to weave networks/wefts with connections of major significance in this field. 
As far as new projects on the horizon I have extracted a new product from the last university capsule-project, again in leather, which will be available very soon in 6 different colours on maga.




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