Krabat is a newly started brand by Danish fashion designer Karla Werner Zeuthen. The items we produce are handmade with care in our Copenhagen-based studio, using mainly waste materials and natural fibers. 

We believe that clothing can be both fun and long-lasting. Personal style and expression shouldn’t be at the expense of sustainability but an integral part of it. 

We strive to make versatile but personal items with a fluid approach to gender so that you may wear our things for longer and in endless combination with the stuff you already own and love. A more fluid wardrobe also means you get to share it with the people you love regardless of gender — and we all know that sharing is caring.

This way, we hope to make a small contribution to your personal style – and to stay with you through the constant reinvention and development throughout your life.

(Btw fun fact, almost all of these products were born because my boyfriend wanted something I had made for myself)."

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