Guenda’s focus is in Art Direction and Greta is graduated in Fashion Design. They share the same background in Architecture and the passion for clothes.
maga is a wardrobe where you can find the clothes Greta and Guenda have selected for you. They like the idea they can give new value to pieces that have been forgotten in warehouses of fashion stores or production factories.
Everything you see is thought, processed and developed by the duo. They share the same aesthetic ideals and they adore working together.


maga reflects the need of rethinking how fashion is globally conceived in this changing time. The aim is to highlight how important it is to reduce the waste of goods, to prevent not sold items to be pulled just because they are older ‘seasons’. What is a fashion season after all?

maga is not just a platform that sells “old seasons”, indeed it is also a place in which you can find collections of new and young designers. The artists often join MAGA with an exclusive collection. Sustainability and thoughtful use of fabrics are at the core of every design.


Fashion celebrates and repeats itself continuously. This on-line platform is namely an archive of timeless pieces that simply rebel and stand out against time’s rules. In other words, it is Greta and Guenda’s online wardrobe, brought to you to shape new ideals and think how to conceive fashion in this changing times.