Make Room for  *freshness* *sexiness* *femininity* *confidence*

Make Room is an independent fashion brand created around the vision of a woman lighting up any room she enters, blooming with confidence & coolness. Combining fresh hand-painted prints on easy but sexy silhouettes that embrace all body types we want our women to feel carefree and joyful, bridging high-quality materials with all-inclusive prices.

Creating pieces rather than collections, our brand was built around the concept of slow fashion with the optimum goal of cherishing each garment forever. We want to create garments that will endure a wardrobe and stay relevant throughout time whilst being able to transform with each woman’s unique style.

We source all elements for our collections locally in Greece and everything is produced and manufactured with an ethical mindset. 

We strive for a more sustainable future and we believe that fashion can play a big role in that goal.

Our inspiration is the World and we aim to Make it as creative as possible!

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