KROON 02 is a Luxembourgish accessories brand founded by two sisters Laurene and Charlotte Kroon. 

Charlotte, being the creative half of the duo, has previously gained experience at brands such as BOTTER and Acne Studios. Graduated from Istituto Marangoni London in 2017, she has always had a special passion for fabric manipulations and trimmings, which is how she organically started expressing herself through the creation of accessories.

Laurene, leading the business side of the brand graduated from her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion, Luxury and Retail Management at EBC Dusseldorf in 2015 and has since worked for Louis Vuitton and Gaastra. She is the business mind of them two, which makes both a true complementary duo. 

KROON 02 is heavily influenced by their childhood experiences. Roaming empty fields, summers spent sailing with the family and making perfume with flower petals from the garden. However the brand is not only about memories, it is about creating memories. About embracing the inner child, about encouraging the curious, the experimental and about feeling the beauty in the simple things.

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