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  • Land and Sea Basket / CharcoalGrey&Yellow
  • Land and Sea Basket / CharcoalGrey&Yellow
  • Land and Sea Basket / CharcoalGrey&Yellow


Land and Sea Basket / CharcoalGrey&Yellow

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Created in the space where land meets the sea. A hand crocheted homage to my childhood summers spent sun soaked and sandy. Reminiscent of your favorite beach bucket.
• 50% Fine Western Wool Targhee. 50% TENCEL® Lyocell. 
Typically baskets measure below at start but will grow and mold with you like your favorite pair of jeans:
approx. 11" tall
approx. 10.5" across - laying flat
approx. 22" around

*Baskets are wearable art, they are made to last but should be used with care and consideration. Each basket is designed to contain the essentials (wallet, phone, keys, water bottle, book, hand sanitizer) while remaining discreet.

The artisan yarns used are created in rural Vermont from a blend of Wool and TENCEL® ( Lyocell ) creating a soft yet hearty yarn with a subtle, satiny sheen. Lyocell is marketed under the trade name TENCEL, and a natural derivative of wood pulp from cultivated Southern oak and gum trees grown on land unsuitable for grazing. Our wool is a cross between Rambouillet and Columbia sourced from herds along the Front Range of the Rockies.