The Manifesto:
Foulara is for the ones who crave personality; textures, film-grain, raspy voices and are constantly seeking out the rougher less polished behind the scenes.
Foulara is for the ones who are sick of cookie cutter realities. 
Foulara is a reminder to seek out authenticity. 

Foulara goes beyond the postcard; it’s about noticing the little things: not just the monuments, but the fruit stalls, the pastries, the candy shops, the artisans and the street signs. It’s a nostalgia for a world that fades as globalisation makes most cities look like a duty free. Foulara wants to be a space where small realities are found and in which their voice is amplified by interpreting their heritage. Our goal is to make tradition relevant in today’s zeitgeist. 

Foulara is not a brand but your XXI century bottega.

How it started: Foulara is about imagining a new made-in-italy that combines avant-garde technology and the tradition of craft. The beginning of this project constituted a series of foulards dubbed Foulara.

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