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The book is 105x148 mm, and it is made out from 13 posters. The elastic binding allows you to take out each and every page.

Design and photography by Guenda Mariotti. Published by Thoughts of Me Press and printed in Copenhagen (December 2020)


About TFWOB:

What features are at the core of our being?
Are we evolving into a new species? 
Should we reconsider what it means to be human?

Towards Future Ways of Being is the title I decided for my project as it deals with humanity, it encapsulates what it looks like to be human in the 21st century.
It also suggests we won’t look like this any much longer. The future will come and we will evolve and improve our-selves with it. My intention is to picture that humanity.

The cover I designed is made by all the images in the book, all together they create a pattern.
It is a poster as well. A reminder for future generations, a simple way to keep our track in the future.