MONOBI is the vision of a new world, a hotbed for material manipulation with a fashion-forward aesthetic. Its idiosyncratic style translates into high-tech innovation, functionality and performance research. MONOBI is the embodiment of urban dwellers, outdoors enthusiasts and curious people wearing armors to face today’s world.

MONOBI’s ethos is rooted in its boundless creative elan marked by cross-pollination. The throbbing urban landscape triggers curiosity, encapsulated into future-proof fashion creations for all. All genders, personalities and backgrounds are of course welcomed into the new world MONOBI is helping to shape.

MONOBI examines the codes and lexicon of contemporary premium fashion through the lens of rational design, seeking to arouse cultural conversations about the endless possibilities of product design within society.

The fully integrated supply chain and made in Italy manufacturing are core to MONOBI’s mission of painstakingly advancing its quality and sustainable credentials. The brand’s history is rooted in textile expertise and R&D of its parent company Beste, granting the perfect alchemy between experimentation and functionality.

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